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PhotoIndia’s Tryst with LCA Tejas

We have had the pleasure of capturing on its lens many a model, the golden glow of a setting sun, the lush green of India’s valleys, adrenaline thumping adventure sports, tantalisingly delicious food but the most majestic subject has undoubtedly been the LCA Tejas

Faces of Bhutan

We visited Bhutan in 2012 and came back changed forever. This landlocked country is a veritable ShangriLa. Beautiful monasteries perched precariously on mountainsides, vibrant prayer flags flapping in the wind, beautiful festivals that steal your heart
Planning Your Own Film

Planning Your Own Film

Every time you walk out of a movie theatre, you tell yourself, “I can do a much better job than the guy who made that movie.” So the question is, why don’t you? With HD filming on DSLRs, easy-to-use editing software and platforms like Youtube or Vimeo

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Photo & Video Assignments

Over the years, we have done assignments across various genres of Photography and Film making. Our teams are always ready to move at a short notice, wherever you require us in India. Our aim is to bring together production elements needed to successfully accomplish your projects across various media platforms.

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