About Us

About Us

Who We Are

PhotoIndia.com was founded in 1998 by Manu Bahuguna, a former IAF pilot and a national-level Polo player.

Sumeru Bahuguna, who’s been a part of the family business since his teenage years, officially took charge in 2020. Now, he’s running the show with his own spin, bringing new vibes and photography tricks to the game.

Dedicated to excellence in photography and film making, We are a full service photo-agency designed to meet all your visual communication needs across India. Specialising in various genres of photography and film making, we work on assignments from conception to completion and deliver top quality visual assets, on time and within your budget.
On a turnkey project, we often look after the entire production- which may include location scouting, model-coordination, makeup & styling and the entire logistics of a shoot. PhotoIndia.com provides advertisers, editors, publishers, and marketers with a single source for all their visual needs, not just images, but the services that make it easy to source, locate, and license images- all under one roof.

We have a network of photographers across the country, covering all styles and aspects of photography. Our photographers, with years of experience, are amongst the best in India. Photographs from our library have been published in leading dailies and publications across the country. We have also catered extensively to leading international publications. Our clients span from small non-profit organisations to leading international and Indian publications and Fortune 500 corporations.

What We Do?

We’re always ready to shoot, anywhere and anytime. Our friendly and dedicated team goes the extra mile to capture the perfect image or footage, no matter what it entails. Most importantly, we’re well-versed in tailoring photos and videos for diverse media platforms, from high-resolution CMYK images for print to optimized web graphics that enhance webpage loading times. We craft visually engaging content for publishers, advertising agencies, design firms, manufacturing units, nonprofits, the hospitality sector, and various private and government organizations.


Creativity thrives with collaboration

You could check-out our work in our assignment portfolio where we undertake the following projects:

Photo Assignments
Aviation Photography
Food Photography
Corporate Photography
Hotels and Architectural Photography
Industrial Photography
Photo Research
Editorial Photography for Magazines and Newspapers

Video Assignments
Corporate Films
YouTube Videos
Recipe Video Development
Aviation Videos

Mentorship Programme
Corporate Training: to help your teams do photography and videos internally

Some of Our Clients