One-on-one Mentoring Session

Have you just bought yourself a fancy camera and want to explore every aspect of it in-depth? Or are you stuck in the same photographic style and would like to know how you can improve? This one-on-one session is designed  to give you knowledge and  confidence to take your photography to new heights.

Our one-on-one mentorship session is just the solution, because it offers tailor-made learning to help you overcome challenges and realise your photographic dreams. Your decision to ask for a session shows your commitment to take your skill forward and expand your photographic vision. It is a decision that will help you fine-tune and realise your creative goals with the help of a personalised session with an experienced professional.

This learning session is designed to offer customised one-on-one guidance to individuals specifically based on their needs. This means that unlike a workshop where you have to follow the speed and structure of a class, you decide your own curricula and focus on areas of your interest. The aim of this intensive program is to cultivate an association between you and your mentor, where there are no hesitations to ask questions related to photography. We will not only help in instilling confidence in the quality of your work but also give you advice on how to publish, exhibit or market your work.

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I am having so much fun. You guys are “Great”. Thank you for the opportunity.
– Hokhevi had joined our Mentorship Program. His father sent him to Bangalore to become a Stockbroker but life had different plans for him. He now works with us full time as an Assistant Photographer.

Hokhevi Zhimomi

Highlights of the Session

  • A day long one-on-one session covering technical and artistic aspects of photography
  • Cost is Rs. 15,000/- for the full day
  • Open for everyone (beginners, amateurs and even professionals)
  • Participants can be individuals or a group of upto 4 people
  • Outdoor practical session in the second half
  • Critique and feedback of selected images
  • All your questions about photography answered