Manu Bahuguna

Manu is a former IAF pilot and a national level Polo player who has honed his photography skills over 35 years, starting from now extinct Kodak Junior II in the 70s, graduating to a Canon SLR in the early 80s to the latest Digital SLRs over the years. He was initiated into photography by the late Raghubir Singh, whom he considers as his primary mentor. He also looks up to the legendary photographers S Paul and Raghu Rai for inspiration. was founded by him in 1998.

Always in the mood for adventure and on the lookout for interesting shots, Manu is the quintessential outdoorsman.  He holds an Open Water Diver (SCUBA) license and is also a qualified mountaineer. He has travelled and shot extensively around the remotest corners of the country and his work has been published in numerous publications. And when he is not wielding the camera, you can find him mirthfully recounting some anecdote with a twinkle in his eye.

Apart from leading the PhotoIndia team to execute various photography and film making assignments, he has now focussed more on teaching and building up teams and sharing the knowledge that he has gained over three decades with young enthusiasts. Manu conducts photography workshops with the same ease with which he used to scale mountains and ride horses. Our workshop participants vouch for his affable nature, patience and honest approach to teaching the nuances of photography.

Amitaabh Bakshi

Amitaabh’s journey so far has taken him through some very interesting paradigms. He is a qualified chef, a global business executive and now a photographer. His pursuit to fulfil his endless appetite for creativity has finally led him to follow his true and childhood passion since the last few years. Having lived in London for some years, he fine-tuned his skills at London School of Photography.

A former business executive, Amitaabh has held roles as an international business development and operations specialist with 17+ years’ experience. He spent over a decade promoting and implementing “software-as-a-solution” engaging with public, B2B, & service sector in UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Southeast and South Asia.

Aruna M
Photographer & Editor

Aruna is our Photo editing whizz. Resourceful and efficient, her razor sharp eyesight can spot a speck in a photograph from miles away. And that’s not her only super power. Aruna’s multi-tasking skills are legendary both at home and at work. An exemplary cook, Aruna doesn’t believe in wasting time watching TV. She’d rather spend time taking pictures of her adorable son.

This lady knows her CMYK from her RGB and takes pride in her work. A big fan of Lightroom as an editing software, her advice to those entering the field of photography is simple, “Don’t forget to shoot in RAW mode.”

Sumeru Bahuguna

Sumeru has been tinkering with computers and developing websites since he was merely 14 years old. A College Dropout, ask him about his love for website designing and he’ll recount the experience of working on his first website on aquarium fish when he was in school. From there onwards, there was no looking back.

Always on the lookout for something new, he started film-making with Action Cameras Like GoPros & Xiaomi’s Yi Action Camera a few years ago. And has grown quite proficient in this New Segment of Photography. He is also an accomplished golfer, playing regularly on the Indian Amateur Tour with a Handicap of 4. Sumeru is your man when it comes to the ABCs of website design, what you need to do to improve your swing or even if you’re in the mood for a good laugh. He unwinds by performing Stand Up Comedy every once in a while.

Keerat Kaur

Say hello to Keerat, our roving editor. An avid traveler, half the time, she travels on land and the other half she is going to be out sailing on the high-seas with her would be better- half. She has done her Masters in Mass communication from Pune and has taught photography at Wilson College, Mumbai. Keerat has a wealth of work experience. She first started working at PhotoIndia in 2012 and we are happy to have her back with us.

This army brat has lived all over the country and loves recounting tales of her adventures in Ladakh. Driven by her passion for writing and photography, she hopes to publish her own book one day.