Mentor-Ship Programme

One-On-One Mentor-ship Programme

Over the years, a large number of aspiring photographers and film makers have done various kinds of photography and film making workshops with us. While interacting with these participants, we realised that what works best are fully-customised, one-on-one mentor-ship programs. If you are looking at adding another dimension to your life by learning the nuances of visual-story-telling, you have reached the right place!

Follow Your Dreams

Considering a mid-course correction in your career to become a professional photographer or film-maker? We can help!

Enrich Your Life

Looking at adding another dimension to your life? Learning the nuances of visual story-telling can be a great exercise for your mind and soul.

Ramp-Up Your Blog

For Bloggers who want do learn how to make professional videos and photographic content using smartphones or affordable cameras

Do It Professionally

If you are a life-trainer, a Guru or an Influencer and want to generate online content to reach out to your followers, we can train you.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements. The various modules you could do with us are:

Visual Story Telling
Basics of Photography
Film Making with DSLR
Film Making with Smartphones
Macro Photography
Professional Audio on a budget
How to shoot professional videos for your blogs using smartphones

One-On-One Mentor-ship Programmes

We have unique mentor-ship programmes, custom designed to fit your needs. As a tailored suit always fits the best, we realised over the years that our mentor-ship programmes also need to be custom designed to deliver the best results. has successfully trained hundreds of aspiring photographers and film makers.

Mail us your project details!