Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography

We have years of experience of photographing the Industrial processes and themes. Our teams can be deployed on a short notice to cover the project in its entirety. We have photographed a vast range of industries ranging from manufacturing plants to aircraft assembly lines. The industries that can gain from our industrial photography expertise are power stations, factories and manufacturing plants to name a few. The photographs we take can be used in various settings like annual reports and corporate brochures.

Hi-Res for Print

Get High Resolution pictures of superior quality that can be printed on hoardings and blow up banners for advertising as well as display.

Low-Res for Online Edits and reduces the pictures in size while keeping the quality to load fast on your website and other online social media pages.

Night Photography

Our team of experienced photographers are the best at composing breath-taking after-dark night time pictures of your industrial unit.

Men At Work

We also provide pictures of people working in the offices and at your industry. We use the best lighting equipment and prime lenses to capture the finest prints.

Our clients are not only the newly opened industrial units but also the ones that have been there for many years. With years of extensive work in photography, we often shoot pictures of many industrial units.

Industrial Photography

We start our work early and carry on throughout the day till late at night when most of the staff has finished their shift and gone home. In the projects related to Industrial photography, we start with taking the facility pictures early and then gradually move around indoors where we shoot the equipment and people working.

Later, once the staff is gone, we take the pictures of equipment and machinery and other relevant material. After dark we focus on getting the best vantage point to take pictures of the facility from inside and out.

We use professional full frame dSLR to shoot and create high resolution pictures for print media. You can use these high quality pictures for exhibitions and hoardings and other outdoor display. We also provide with low resolution images for online purposes that you can use on your website or on other social media platforms.

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